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Six years ago, I created this blog because I saw a need to represent and explore western sidereal astrology.  I took a few years off needless to say, but I’m back! However, my approach to astrology has changed. In all honestly, I’m sure an astrologer could justify either tropical or sidereal if they tried hard enough; the research is mixed. So I’m here to simply explore and share what I’ve learned. I am primarily a self-taught astrologer, though I completed two years at MWSA (Midwestern School of Astrology in Cincinnati, Ohio). I didn’t finish the program though. Life got in the way, and I’m going back to school for nursing now on top of working and my other strange hobbies. 🙂 Great school though, wonderful people. And the only in-house school of astrology in the U.S.; I highly recommend! I’ve been practicing tropical astrology for the last four years, though I think it’s possible to use either approach and make accurate predictions, relationship readings, etc. Natal chart interpretation would obviously change a bit when it comes to signs, degrees, houses, rulerships, but not the geometric aspects. I use midpoints, tropical and draconic charts, both solar arc and secondary progressions. Always learning and adapting my approach. This site is probably going to be geared towards those who already have a decent base in astrology but all are welcome! Questions, topics of interest, suggestions, knowledge, please comment away. Hopefully I’ll do a better job of posting regularly this time. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. What’s Tropical mean? in comparison to sidereal.

    • In tropical astrology, the chart is calculated with the cardinal points (0 Aries, 0 Cancer, and so on) falling on the first day of the earthly season. 0 Aries falls on the spring equinox, 0 Cancer falls on the summer solstice, etc. Sidereal astrology uses the fixed stars (constellations) to draw the chart. A long, long time ago the beginning of the Aries constellation was aligned with the first day of spring, but in 2019–due to the procession of the equinoxes, it’s now about 24 degrees off. So if my tropical sun falls at 22 degrees Cancer, then my sidereal chart sun falls at 28 degrees Gemini. The sidereal chart being based off the Gemini constellation, 28 Gemini is actually the degree of Pollux, a star in the constellation. So in a nutshell: Tropical is seasonal/symbolic and Sidereal is constellation based.

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