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Is astrology the code for the matrix?

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I’ve been studying astrology for some time now, and while it’s proven itself through patterns–mostly through chart comparison and predictive techniques for me–one question always remains unanswered. Why does it work?  One reason astrology is so debated is because there’s no concrete deductive explanation. Astrologers can swear by the repeating patterns, but if everyone else isn’t able to make sense out of the “why”, integrate it into their worldview without issue…often, they’ll dismiss the “what”.

Why does so much importance fall on the sun and moon, specifically the nodal axis, lunations and eclipses, and the debated draconic chart? Why is the sun and moon the same size from our earthly perspective? For those of you who don’t know the astronomical explanation of lunar nodes, they are calculated by finding the intersection of the ecliptic (sun’s apparent path around earth) with the moon’s path around the earth. The ecliptic and moon’s path intersect at two points, exactly 180 degrees apart. In astrology the lunar nodes (north and south node) represent one’s karmic purpose on this planet. What are you here to learn? In what ways do you need to grow? What destructive traits/tendencies do you have that are better left behind you? Planetary transits and lunations to the natal north/south node are exceptionally revealing and consistent. Likewise, transiting north/south node passing over natal planets and angles have a similar effect. The nodes in synastry (chart comparison) have a strong influence on friendships, family and attraction. And it all boils down to the sun and moon. Sun – Moon conjunctions in synastry as well as having sun or moon conjunct the partner’s sun/moon midpoint is another major indicator for attraction and friendship when comparing charts. I’ve experienced both personally and can vouch for the sun/moon midpoint’s potency, but I want to encourage you to look into it for yourself.

And the draconic chart. While I’m still debating how effective certain astrological techniques are within the draconic, the chart itself is surprisingly accurate when comparing charts of family members, partners, lifetime friends. “Soulmates,” if you will. Draconic sun-moon and moon-moon conjunctions are common when the connection is so strong. Don’t believe me? Do your own research. My three closest female friends and mother all have their draconic moon conjunct, or in one case opposite, mine. What are the odds of that? If you’re unfamiliar with the draconic chart: It is calculated by placing one’s north node at 0 Aries and adjusting the rest of the chart accordingly. It’s better explained through example. Say your natal north node is at 0 Aquarius, 60 degrees from the 0 Aries point. To calculate the draconic chart, I’m going to move your entire chart forward by 60 degrees so the geometric aspects between planets stay the same. But, your north node is now at 0 Aries. EVERYONE’s north node is 0 Aries in the draconic chart. Since my mother’s moon is exactly conjunct mine at 17 Gemini in the draconic chart, that means that our natal moons are the exact same distance from our natal north nodes (Draconic north node 0 Aries –> drac. moon 17 Gemini =77 degrees apart). Hope that makes sense. So what’s the point of the draconic chart? It seems to show connections that run deep, deeper than one lifetime if you believe in that kind of thing. But it’s all based on the relationship of every planet and point in the natal chart….to the north node. And the north node is all about the sun and the moon. Common theme?

We’ve all heard stories of crazy people doing crazy things around a full moon. Lunations and eclipses falling on personal planets and angles usually indicate that there’s some stuff going down in your life, be it a solar eclipse on your ascendant and you become a lifetime vegetarian or a full moon on your south node when a close friend reveals he has feelings for you. Two small examples. Lunations and eclipses have been rendered significant by the astro-community for a long time. And there it is, sun and moon again.

What exactly is the sun and moon in the natal chart? I’ve read countless descriptions of the sun vs. the moon in astrology, but my take on it may be different in some ways (and alike in others). The moon, to me, is who we are when no one is looking, our emotional instincts, reactions, processing. My moon is in Aries in the private 8th house, so it takes a while for people to see the Aries. The tendencies emerge over time, especially in intimate relationships ruled by the 8th house. The sun seems more in tune with our highest good, expression of the divinity within us perhaps? The sun is by nature more objective than the moon, sees the larger picture. The sun gives our solar system life, so in our chart perhaps it represents the spark of divinity (soul) that breaths life into our bodies. But can you really see the soul in an astrology chart? If past lives exist, then wouldn’t it be true that we’ve all had multiple charts at multiple times, each representing the experience we’re signing up for? So what is the sun then? All questions, no answers. I know.

I view astrology as a kind of code to our reality. Dive into this metaphor with me. Say our reality is a video game with multiple players, and the video game is something we choose to play to develop certain skills/attributes and have certain experiences. But we can fine tune what we want to develop through the kinds of people and situations we attract to ourselves during our life. So, we select an astrological chart that represents our lifetime/game personality and the experience we want to have. So say, I was born on XX/XX/XXXX. My natal chart is like the coding to my player in the game. When astrological transits hit my natal chart in certain ways (i.e. transiting planets/nodes or lunations), it activates my ‘code’ to have certain experiences. Certain people are in my life that activate my code in certain ways to bring out aspects of my player personality so as to create learning experiences that I want to learn. And of course, I have some freedom in it all. I can challenge and dismiss all lessons and hide from it. Perhaps, I can rise above it like Neo in the Matrix. I had to, guys. Come on. You didn’t think this article was going to end without a Matrix reference did you? Think about the metaphor though. It seems to make astrology a lot easier to explain. What if our earth-sun-moon system is sort of like a video game, or a three dimensional matrix within a larger dimensional reality where we come to learn certain things? We can’t check all the boxes for skills, growth, lessons, etc. at once so we narrow it down through the intricacy of our chosen natal chart. When people, transiting nodes and planets, progressions and lunations hit our natal positions, it triggers certain things to happen and they tend to follow a theme. The north node represents a major growth goal. Astrology is mostly geometry after all, at least when it comes to chart comparison and predictive techniques.

Energy should also be considered though. Some people believe sacred geometry can be used to organize and focus energy.  If it works down here on earth with crystals, then it would follow that energy could also be ‘organized’ by planets and luminaries. What exactly does the spiritual community mean by energy though? In her Convoluted Universe series, Dolores Cannon writes, “I have heard much about everything being composed of energy and the shape and form is only determined by frequency and vibration. Energy never dies, it only changes form.” I have a hunch quantum mechanics is going to pave the road for a (dare I say) unification of science and some of these new age theories. Vibrating strings. Frequency. String theory anyone? Our natal chart represents an energetic time stamp that shapes our experience this lifetime on earth. That’s why astrologers look at first meeting charts and other event charts too. But does that mean that every time something is born, be it an animal, a plant, a manufactured car, a work of art or an idea….that it’s energetically stamped with an astrological chart? One thing I struggle with, regarding my spirituality, is knowing we live in a magical world where synchronicities happen day after day, and yet….how do you explain the bacteria? The more I learn about the tiny scientific details, the more issues I find trying to merge my understanding of the physical world, at least biologically, and what I know to be true of the spiritual one. This is one conundrum I have no answers for. Maybe Dolores does, but I haven’t finished her books. Is it possible that our physical world is just that, a physical world. And human beings belong to that world as breathing, biological beings? But there’s more going on here and we all know it deep within ourselves. I don’t have the answers, but I’m always trying to learn more.  That’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to leave comments/insights.

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