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Draconic chart: Should we be looking at midpoints?

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The draconic chart is still heavily debated among astrologers, but I’ve found it to be incredibly useful when tropical (or sidereal, if you choose) synastry is on the weaker side. If a sun-moon or moon-moon conjunction between charts draconically carries weight (and I believe it does), then does it follow that the draconic sun-moon midpoint is a sensitive relationship point in the chart as well? For the longest time I dismissed the idea and only recognized the tropical sun/moon midpoint as significant.

For those of you new to midpoints or new to astrology, one calculates the sun/moon midpoint by finding the degree exactly in the middle of your sun and moon. The S/M midpoint actually forms an axis.  To use my chart as an example: My sun is at 22.51 Cancer and my moon is at 24.53 Aries, so my sun/moon midpoint is 8.52 Gemini AND 8.52 Sagittarius. When first learning astrology I did not consider midpoints significant…until life happened and I encountered certain individuals with their luminaries on my own sun/moon midpoint. In retrospect, my two larger than life “in loves”/infatuations (Love is a loaded word) both had either sun or moon conjunct my sun/moon midpoint. And my attraction to those people stands out beyond anyone else, correlating with the synastry. So naturally, that forced me to consider the weight of the sun/moon midpoint in relationships. At this point I consider it one of a select few ‘in love’ factors that could easily lead to marriage if synastry aspects are mutual and commitment-favorable.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered how powerful the draconic sun/moon midpoint can be as well. I highly encourage EVERYONE to look into this in chart comparison, because most of the world may not be aware of this hidden gem explaining attraction. In my research there have been a handful of situations where my draconic sun or moon activated someone else’s draco sun/moon midpoint, and for the midpoint person the attraction was as strong as it would be in tropical synastry–and even so when there were few other aspects that could explain it. I also know of a couple who have a double-whammy draconic sun conjunct each other’s sun/moon midpoint within half of a degree that far outweighs the rest of their chart inter-aspects. While a handful of case studies is not a lot, it’s something to look into. Of course this also leads to the question: Should we be considering other draconic midpoints as well, like venus-mars, moon-mars, ascendant-midheaven? Definitely something to consider. If you’re reading this and would like to share your own experience, please send me a message!

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