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The Astrological 7th House: Common Misconceptions

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Hi everyone,

This post is a little random, but I figure I might as well write a bit since it’s been a minute. So. Have you ever noticed how in astrology all the 12 houses are person-centric except for the 7th house? By that I mean that most astrologers attribute the qualities of the descendant (7th house cusp) or any planets on that cusp or in the 7th house as characteristics of others outside of ourselves. In chart comparison articles, the 7th house is said to describe our ideal partner, or an undeveloped area of our personalities that we unconsciously draw to ourselves through partners/people external to ourselves.

The 7th through 12th houses are the ones usually dealing with the world outside of ourselves. But why is it that houses 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 have to do with our personal interaction with the outside world/people in it while the 7th house is all about who we attract to ourselves? To elaborate, let’s explore the 10th house starting out. Also an angle, the 10th house represents our highest aspirations, our lifetime goals, our public image, our footprint that we leave behind, our reputation. What we’re known for. The 11th house represents how we behave with friends or online even, our dedication to humanitarian causes, our participation in groups. The 8th house represents our private self, similar to the 4th house but a little darker it seems. The 8th house is all about intimacy and transformation. All of these other houses have to do with our relationship to that area of our lives, how our personality emerges, shifts, takes on a little different coloration in the various external areas of our lives. But why then does that rationale not apply to the 7th house of relationships?

I’ve been told by astrologers and online articles that my Pisces Descendant means that I attract people who need help, or those who are extremely spiritual and connected to the “divine”, or those with escapist tendencies. It has nothing to do with me outside of the fact that it represents who I’m attracting to myself. I’m going to firmly disagree with this interpretation though, through both experience and logic. It is not logical to say the 7th house represents something outside of ourselves while the remaining 11 houses represent our personal interaction with the world. I’d like to suggest that the 7th house represents, as the first of the external houses, how our personality emerges in that external realm of relationships with others. The 7th house is still us. It’s not a hidden, unconscious aspect of ourselves like 12th house planets may be. The 7th house is how we interact with others. Who we become when we interact with others. If the first house is our personal identity and lens through which we view the world, the 7th house represents how that personality shifts when others are in the picture interacting with us. If a person has Pluto on the descendant, many astrologers would jump the gun and say “That person attracts pushy, manipulative, strong personalities into their lives.” However, my interpretation is the opposite. If a person has Pluto on the descendant, I say that that person can come across to others as pushy and manipulative in relationships, even if unaware of this themselves. If a person has Jupiter on the descendant, most astrologers would say that they attract partners or people who are expansive jovial personalities, partners who are philosophers or religious, or who travel a lot, or perhaps the person met their partner in another country. Common interpretations I’ve read. However, I would argue that, on the contrary, a person with Jupiter on the descendant personally expresses Jupiterian qualities of expansiveness, excess, philosophical inquiry, and maybe overdoing it a little with romantic partners. Buying them too many gifts, blowing up their phone non-stop with excitable texts and just coming on too strong, but not out of manipulation. Just wearing their heart on their sleeve. Yes, I’ve met and dated the two people I described above. One with Jupiter on the descendant and another with Pluto on the descendant. Pluto on the descendant was one of the most manipulative people I know.

Ironically, I’ve also met two individuals in the last 10 years with Pluto on the Ascendant as well. And in case you’re questioning orbs, these are all within 1 degree of conjunction to the angle. Most astrological interpretations suggest that the Pluto-Ascendant personality has darker, manipulative hues with a tendency towards all-or-nothing attitudes and obsession. That has not been my experience. In fact, that description aligns with my experience interacting with Pluto-Descendant individuals. Pluto-Ascendant, in my experience, manifests as strong personalities that you either love or hate, find appealing or repulsive. Radiating certain characteristics intensely, while (for example) dancing in a theater production or always displaying a strong sense of humor that you either love or hate. There’s a degree of magnetism or intensity involved, but that’s with or without interaction with other people. I hope that makes sense.

So please do your own research and draw your own conclusions about the 7th house! I’m not sure where some of these misconstrued interpretations come from, but it’s important to take them with a grain of salt and do your own research. As always, please share comments if you have anything to add, any personal experiences, or even if you disagree! The path to truth often begins with dialogue between people harboring differing opinions.

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